Kindergarten Readiness Checklist

Children are prepared to enter kindergarten when they have mastered most of these expected behaviors for four and five year olds in the following skill domains:

Social and Emotional Development
❑ Use restroom and wash hands.
❑ Leave parent easily.
❑ Follow 2-3 step directions.
❑ Solve problems.
❑ Ask for help when needed.
❑ Listen to teacher.
❑ Share toys with others.


Intellectual Development
❑ State first and last name when asked.
❑ Write first name.
​❑ Know most upper and lower case letters.
❑ Know the front and back of book, which page comes first, track words left to right.
❑ Retell simple stories.
❑ Count numbers 1-10.
❑ Know basic shapes (triangle, circle, rectangle and square).
❑ Sort objects by color, shape or size.
❑ Begin to rhyme words.


Physical Development
❑ Use pencil and scissors.
❑ Use scissors to cut a straight line.
❑ Put an 8-10 piece puzzle together.
❑ Bounce, kick, throw and catch a ball.
❑ Clap to a beat.
❑ Try to tie shoes.
❑ Hop on one foot.
❑ Turn pages of a book.
❑ Sit quietly for a ten-minute story.