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Focus Areas

​The Tyler Area Partnership 4 Education is learning from best practices in our state as well as across the nation. A partnership with Educate Texas and participation in the Texas Collective Impact Network and Texas College Access Network (TXCAN) all provide valuable resources and contacts across Texas. A recent grant from Lumina Foundation, the “Community Partnership for Attainment,” is providing the partnership with funding and technical assistance from organizations across the country. Tyler is one of only 75 other cities from around the United States that will work closely with Lumina and national experts to execute actions focused on increasing the percentage of high-quality degrees or workforce credentials held by community residents.

This cradle to career focus ensures that work is happening along the educational pipeline, starting with early childhood and ending with employment. Our tagline, “Unify, Nurture, Empower, Transform,” embodies our four core values and ultimate outcomes.

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